Meet the E-Board!


Seung Woo Choi
President of Internal Affairs

Seung Woo is a junior majoring in the Biological Sciences. He has been involved with APAMSA since his freshman year and has loved bonding and building a community with like-minded individuals whose passions for the healthcare field and service have strengthened his own resolve to make the world a better place. He has enjoyed watching APAMSA grow as an organization and evolve as it adopts innovative ideas that serve to enhance the APAMSA experience. His hobbies include volunteering, searching for the best foods in LA, and working out at the USC Village’s new gym.


Sirjan Mor
President of External Affairs

Sirjan is a junior majoring in Biological Science and minoring in Spanish. In her free time, she likes to dance hip hop, attend salsa nights, and watch Breaking Bad. She is also an SI leader for biochemistry, so feel free to ask her any questions! She’s really excited to meet everyone and help them discover that the premed path can be anything they want it to be.



Natasha Arief
Director of Communications

Natasha is a sophomore majoring in Health and Humanity. She likes to fold origami, scroll through Twitter, cook, taking oddly specific Buzzfeed quizzes, and nature walks. She’s so hyped to meet all you future doctors and hopes that she can help y’all in any way she can on your premed journey. Don’t be afraid to approach her with questions, salty rants about lab, or even just to say hi!



Clarice Szeto
Director of Member Outreach

Clarice is a sophomore studying Cognitive Science and Human  Biology and minoring in Dance. In her free time, she likes to dance, explore LA and beyond, read, cook and watch baseball.



Angella Qian
Director of Graphic Design & Visual Arts

Angella is a junior studying Human Biology with a minor in Health Care Studies. In her free time, she enjoys browsing good music, catching up with friends, and exploring cute/tasty food places. She’s looking forward to meeting you all!!



Luigi Gonzales
Director of Funding

Luigi is a sophomore majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Occupational Therapy. His hobbies are playing basketball and being involved with APAMSA. He is so excited to meet all of our new members and welcome them to the family.


Lina Lee
APASA Representative/Funding Chair

Lina is a junior studying Environmental Science and Health. She likes to go to the beach, drink boba, and watch movies and the stars. She’s super excited to meet y’all and to help you take advantage of the resources available at SC and make your time here as premed or premed-curious meaningful and memorable!



Evelyn Ong
Event Coordinator – Health Fairs

Evelyn is a sophomore who is majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Psychology and Drawing. She is always enthusiastic to talk to you about literally ANYTHING so always feel free to hit her up if you need pre-med (or life) advice or if you’re in dire need of some fresh memes(!!!). She loves a good study session involving boba so if you’re in need a study buddy, she got you!



Ashley Yi
Event Coordinator – APA Events

Ashley is a Sophomore studying Biological Science. In her free time, she enjoys trying new desserts. She’s excited to meet you all and to help you along your premed journey through APAMSA!



Vincent Mei
Event Coordinator – Bone Marrow/Hep B

Vincent is a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. His hobbies include archery, playing the violin, and reading. He’s excited to meet all our new members, and he’s looking forward to working with all of you!



Jessica He
Director of Publicity

Jessica is a sophomore studying Neuroscience with a minor in Computer Programming. When she’s not cramming inside the study lounge, you can catch her trying new food in LA, exploring rooftops, and petting dogs. She has loved her experience at APAMSA so far, and she’s super excited to welcome everyone to the family this year!